SYM Token

SYM is the governance and revenue-sharing token of SYM Finance. SYM has a total supply of 100,000,000. Users need to stake SYM in order to participate in governance and share revenue.

SYM derives its value from three sources:

  • Revenue sharing - Protocol revenue (yield fees from both leverage buyers and leverage providers minus the part going to the Tidal Force) is fully shared by SYM token holders.

  • Reward boosting - LPs can boost their share in the Tidal Force Rewards by staking SYM. See Tidal Reward section.

  • Gauge voting - esSYM will be emitted to incentivize LPs. The emission rate of esSYM to different markets (e.g., stETH, GLP, and more) is determined by periodic voting by SYM holders.

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