Leverage Buyers

Leverage buyers acquire long-term leverage on their yield-bearing assets like stETH and GLP. To do so, they deposit Token and mint symToken using symToken Minting Module, sell symToken for Token in Tidal AMM, and repeat. This process gives leverage buyers more yield-bearing assets in their position than they originally have, bringing them leveraged yield.

Leverage buyers enjoy unprecedented experience in SYM Finance:

  • One-click leverage - Leverage buyers need not manually complete the abovementioned process. They only need to specify the deposit amount and desired leverage, and the protocol will finish the rest. With 80% LTV, leverage buyers can obtain up to 5x leverage.

  • Liquidation-free - Since 1 symToken is always treated as equal to 1 Token in SYM Finance, leverage buyers' debt value is always pegged to [collateral value * LTV]. Therefore, leverage buyers won't be liquidated by price movement.

  • Interest-free - SYM Finance charges zero interest rate on minted symToken. Therefore, leverage buyers get interest-free loans.

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