Mint Fee Sharing

Mint fee from leverage buyers accumulates in the mint fee pool. For each Token swapped, the LP gets 1 pool share, which can be used to claim proportionate mint fee from the mint fee pool.

Vesting and decay

When distributed to LPs, pool shares are locked. The balance of locked pool shares has a daily decay of 5%. LPs need to stake symToken to stop the decay and vest locked pool shares into liquid pool shares. For each pool share to be fully vested, 1 symToken need to be staked for 14 days. Once equivalent amount of symToken is staked, pool shares stop decaying.

claimableā€‰poolā€‰shares=previouslyā€‰vested+tāˆ—stakedā€‰symToken14āˆ—secondsā€‰inā€‰aā€‰dayclaimable\,pool\,shares=previously\,vested+t*\frac{staked\,symToken}{14 * seconds\, in\,a\,day}

Claim mint fee

Anyone can burn pool shares claim pro rata mint fee from the pool.

claimableā€‰mintā€‰fee=sharesā€‰burntāˆ—totalā€‰mintā€‰feeā€‰inā€‰theā€‰pooltotalā€‰outstandingā€‰unlockedā€‰poolā€‰sharesclaimable\,mint\,fee =shares \,burnt*\frac{total\,mint\,fee\,in\,the\,pool}{total\,outstanding\,unlocked\,pool\,shares}

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