Escrowed SYM (esSYM) is a non-transferrable variant of SYM. esSYM has the same utilities of SYM.

Similar to mint fee pool share, the balance of esSYM has a daily decay of 5%.

esSYM emission

The only way to get esSYM is to become an LP. In the early stage of SYM Finance, for each Token swapped, the LP gets 1 esSYM. Down the road, when more assets are integrated, the emission of esSYM in different markets will be determined by gauge voting.

esSYM vesting

LPs can stake symToken to stop esSYM from decaying, and start vesting esSYM into SYM. The amount of symToken needed is equal to the amount of symToken that earned the esSYM to be vested. For example, if an LP gets 100 esSYM for providing 100 GLP that got swapped, he will need to stake 100 symGLP to vest his 100 esSYM.

1 esSYM takes 1 year to be fully vested into 1 SYM.

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